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21 mins.

Ep. 16    

Dr. Martens w/ VP Global Digital, Kyle Duford and Jordan Bryant on the Mobile First Podcast

Kyle Duford Jordan Bryant

A former magazine editor with a focus on the outdoor and sports industry, Kyle has successfully merged design, sales and best practice into his ecommerce career. His knowledge of the space and how it relates to ecommerce is unparalleled, working with companies like Dr Martens, Chrome Industries, KEEN, Nau, Xterra Wetsuits, Retül, Ski Racing, Rudy Project, SKORA Running, Blue Seventy Wetsuits, Nuun, Endurance Conspiracy, Inside Triathlon and Carmichael Training Systems, among others. Listen to this Episode >

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20 mins.

Ep. 15    

ThredUP w/ VP of Product, Julia Kaplan and Jordan Bryant on the Mobile First Podcast

Julia Kaplan Jordan Bryant

Julia Kaplan brings more than 20 years of leadership experience in product development, delivery and innovation. She is responsible for driving ThredUP product and user experience. She started her career as a software engineer in financial services and then moved on to work in technology for companies in healthcare, e-commerce, advertising, and media. Prior to joining thredUP, Julia held product leadership roles at @WalmartLabs, Kosmix, and Yahoo! Listen to this Episode >

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41 mins.

Ep. 14    

Zappos w/ Head of Mobile, Aki Iida and Jordan Bryant on the Mobile First Podcast Powered By Emerge

Aki Iida Jordan Bryant

Aki Iido is the Head of Mobile at Zappos Family of Companies. He holds lead link roles to the mobile and engineering circles, as well as a CTO role. Listen to this Episode >

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35 mins.

Ep. 13    

BankMobile w/ Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Luvleen Sidhu and Jordan Bryant on Mobile First

Luvleen Sidhu Jordan Bryant

Luvleen Sidhu is the Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder at BankMobile. She's been recognized in the industry, including being named one of Bank Innovation’s Top 10 ‘Innovators to Watch’ worldwide in 2016; the Lehigh Valley Business Women of Influence - Woman to Watch Honoree in 2016; a winner of New York Business Journal's Women of Influence Awards in 2016. She holds an MBA from The Wharton School and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Government from Harvard. Listen to this Episode >

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41 mins.

Ep. 12    

BankMobile w/ Chief Digital Officer, Dan Armstrong and Jordan Bryant on the Mobile First Podcast

Dan Armstrong Jordan Bryant

Dan Armstrong is the Chief Digital Officer at BankMobile, America’s first fee- free mobile first bank. With mobile banking and financial services, telecommunications and technology projects in 40+ countries, Dan brings unique expertise in developing new products, technologies and distribution strategies that accurately match technology with consumers’ needs. For the past 20 years, Dan has worked in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America start-ups, mobile banking/payments, instant-account opening and correspondent banking, telecommunications, NFC, cards, alliances, regulatory, feasibility and automation programs. Listen to this Episode >

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33 mins.

Ep. 11    

Boon + Gable w/ Co-Founder & CEO, Diane Loviglio and Jordan Bryant on Mobile First

Diane Loviglio Jordan Bryant

Diane Loviglio is the Co-Founder & CEO of Boon + Gable whose vision is to make shopping less time-intensive and more enjoyable. Boon + Gable sends a personal stylist to your home with clothes from brick and mortar retailers. The stylist advises what best fits for you and you pay only for what you keep. When not being a CEO, she can often be found in her favorite pair of AG jeans and playing with her 2-year-old daughter. Listen to this Episode >

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50 mins.

Ep. 10    

Ike Behar Apparel w/ Junior Director of Marketing, Joshua Behar and Jordan Bryant on Mobile First

Joshua Behar Jordan Bryant

Our guest for this episode is Joshua Behar, Junior Director of Marketing for the brand, Ike Behar Apparel and Design. He has worked in the company since the age of 15 and currently, is responsible in allocating ad dollars to create comprehensive marketing strategies in order to maximize brand exposure, awareness, and ROI. He also developed numerous corporate and promotional partnerships to promote brand awareness. Listen to this Episode >

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40 mins.

Ep. 9    

Vinli w/ EVP of Experience, Daniel Hall and Jordan Bryant on the Mobile First Podcast

Daniel Hall Jordan Bryant

Daniel Hall is Vinli's EVP of Experience, leading all design and front-end development for the connected car company. Daniel is responsible for ensuring a consistent experience across the entire Vinli ecosystem. Since 2005, Daniel has worked in print and web for both product companies as well as in client services; serving such clients as ID90T, The National Geographic Society, Starbucks, Freeman, ComData, Nintendo, and Funimation. In his spare time, Daniel writes music and plays in a band. Listen to this Episode >

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47 mins.

Ep. 8    

Stance Socks w/ Global Director Product Development, Joe Blecha and Jordan Bryant on Mobile First

Joe Blecha Jordan Bryant

Joe Blecha is the Global Director of Product Development at Stance Socks whose cause is to make a product as imaginative, as expressive and uncommonly cool as the people who wear it. Joe has over 16 years of experience the field of outerwear and has worked with companies like Nike, DC and Burton. He has worked for projects for the US Olympics Snowboarding team and mini clothing collections like the Nike SB and Jordan, to name a few. Listen to this Episode >

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39 mins.

Ep. 7    

Taylor Stitch w/ Director of Customer Experience, Mina Aiken and Jordan Bryant on Mobile First

Mina Aiken Jordan Bryant

Mina Aiken is the Director of Customer Experience at Taylor Stitch where she focuses on creating the most humanized online shopping experience possible. She oversees all e-commerce, customer service and logistics. She believes that educating your customer and telling your brand story in an inclusive way makes a happier individual and a lifetime value customer. Listen to this Episode >

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