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33 mins.

Ep. 29    

MINDBODY Inc. w/ Co-Founder & CEO Rick Stollmeyer and Jordan Bryant on Mobile First

Rick Stollmeyer Jordan Bryant

Rick co-founded MINDBODY, Inc in his garage in 2001, and today serves as their CEO and principal visionary. MINDBODY is leveraging technology to improve the wellness of people around the world. Their cloud-based software powers over 60,000 wellness businesses in over 130 countries and connects over 300,000 wellness practitioners with millions of people who are seeking to live healthier, happier lives. Listen to this Episode >

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32 mins.

Ep. 28    

Stroll Health w/ CEO Jordan Epstein and Jordan Bryant on the Mobile First Podcast

Jordan Epstein Jordan Bryant

Jordan Epstein is CEO and Founder at Stroll Health, a company that delivers an app for ambulatory and primary care to physicians’ offices that enables clinicians to make personalized value-based referrals. Epstein went to Carleton College for his BA in Geology. He is experienced in business intelligence and SaaS leader, with expertise in design, development, and production of enterprise big data applications across industries. Past Fortune 500 clients include Kaiser Permanente, United Healthcare, Delta Airlines, and Chase. Listen to this Episode >

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40 mins.

Ep. 27    

Moz w/ Founder and Wizard of Moz Rand Fishkin and Jordan Bryant on the Mobile First Podcast

Rand Fishkin Jordan Bryant

Rand Fishkin uses the ludicrous title, Wizard of Moz. He's founder and former CEO of Moz, board member at presentation software startup Haiku Deck, co-author of a pair of books on SEO, and co-founder of Inbound.org. Rand's an unsaveable addict of all things content, search, & social on the web, from his multiple blogs to Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and a shared Instagram account. In his miniscule spare time, he likes to galavant around the world with Geraldine and then read about it on her superbly enjoyable travel blog. Listen to this Episode >

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Ep. 26    

Block Imaging w/ SVP Marketing Krista Kotrla and Jordan Bryant on the Mobile First Podcast

Krista Kotrla Jordan Bryant

Known for her belief in enhancing company culture to get powerful results through content marketing, Krista helped make Block Imaging a digital leader in the medical imaging space. Her work has been recognized by Social Media Examiner, {grow}, Ragan’s Health Care Communications and the Mayo Clinic’s Social Media Health Network. Listen to this Episode >

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29 mins.

Ep. 25    

SAP Mobile Services w/ President M. Sethu and Jordan Bryant on the Mobile First Podcast

Sethu Meenakshisundaram Jordan Bryant

Sethu Meenakshisundaram is President of SAP Mobile Services (Sybase 365), the global leader in enabling mobile interconnect, mobile engagement and mobile insight services for mobile operators, financial institutions and enterprises. With more than 25 years of experience in enterprise products and business, Sethu spent the majority of his career at Sybase as Chief Product Officer, building world-class OLTP and OLAP database systems that powers majority of the trading systems in capital markets. Listen to this Episode >

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36 mins.

Ep. 24    

Voicebox Industries w/ VP Marketing and Business Development Scott Lennartz and Jordan Bryant

Scott Lennartz Jordan Bryant

Scott Lennartz is an experienced marketing professional, leader, and accomplished yogi. Whether growing a Silicon Valley business to multi-billion dollar run rates, revamping a local yoga studio to better serve the Portland community, or balancing a handstand in the early morning, Scott has successfully navigated a variety of challenges both large and small. Scott has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics, a Master of Business Administration, and is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500. He is currently the owner of Yoga Bhoga in Portland, Oregon, as well as the VP Marketing and Business Development at Voicebox Inc. Listen to this Episode >

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Ep. 23    

Unified Inbox w/ CMO Ken Herron and Jordan Bryant on the Mobile First Podcast

Ken Herron Jordan Bryant

Ken Herron is a cool hunter for new ideas, strategies, and technologies to increase the value of world-class brands. A global marketing alchemist, he unleashes people's' creativity to use technology to develop stronger emotional connections between companies and their customers to drive revenue and market share. Ken leads Unified Inbox's Singapore, New Zealand, India, Germany, UAE and US-based team to create and execute sales, product marketing, marketing communications, and public relations strategies to market and sell intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) messaging solutions for smart homes, smart industries (industry 4.0), and smart cities. Listen to this Episode >

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Ep. 22    

Adidas Group w/ SVP and GM North America, Nic Vu and Jordan Bryant on the Mobile First Podcast

Nic Vu Jordan Bryant

Nic is currently the GM for Adidas Group North America Direct-to-Consumer. A veteran in the retail industry, Nic has been with the brand almost 8 years and has held roles of increasing responsibility during his tenure. He is highly knowledgeable about the sporting goods industry and is best known for the turnaround of a bankrupt brick and mortar business, making it one of our most profitable channels year over year. Listen to this Episode >

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Ep. 21    

Workframe w/ Founder and CEO Robert Moore and Jordan Bryant on the Mobile First Podcast

Robert Moore Jordan Bryant

Robert is a startup enthusiast with a passion for technologies that make the world more connected, efficient and sustainable. He is currently Founder & CEO at Workframe, where he's focused on leveraging technology to reduce the cost, time and effort required to design and build an inspiring workplace. Robert previously served as Director, Business Operations & Insights at Intent Media, where he owned business analytics, FP&A and sales operations; earlier in his career, he also worked in venture capital and investment banking. He completed his MBA at the Yale School of Management and holds an MPhil in International Relations from Oxford University. Listen to this Episode >

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Ep. 20    

Yapp w/ CEO and Co-founder, Maria Seidman and Jordan Bryant on the Mobile First Podcast

Maria Seidman Jordan Bryant

Maria Seidman is the CEO and co-founder of Yapp, an award-winning platform where anyone can create and instantly publish a mobile application for your event, group, or promotion. Before founding Yapp in 2011, she ran mobile for Warner Bros. Passionate about women in technology, mobile trends, media, and entrepreneurship, Seidman holds a BA from Yale and an MBA from Stanford. In 2014 she was named Entrepreneur Magazine's Emerging Entrepreneur. Listen to this Episode >

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