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Jordan Epstein Jordan Bryant

Jordan Epstein is CEO and Founder at Stroll Health, a company that delivers an app for ambulatory and primary care to physicians’ offices that enables clinicians to make personalized value-based referrals. Epstein went to Carleton College for his BA in Geology.

He is experienced in business intelligence and SaaS leader, with expertise in design, development, and production of enterprise big data applications across industries. Past Fortune 500 clients include Kaiser Permanente, United Healthcare, Delta Airlines, and Chase.

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Episode 28: Highlighted Transcript

Stroll Health w/ CEO Jordan Epstein and Jordan Bryant on the Mobile First Podcast

Here are the highlights of our conversation with our guest:

There are so many problems in health care and so many ways to improve and what Jordan finds cool about all of this is the fact that anyone can do something about it. He sees a two-fold problem: first, that the cure doesn’t exist and second, that it exists but the patient’s don’t know that it does. This is where he comes in and this is what his passion is all about: he wants to get people to the care that is accessible and affordable, every time.

As a Jewish kid who grew up with a hunger to help people, Jordan tried being a mathematician, a scientist, a geologist but still found them wanting as they do not touch lives as directly as he wanted it to be. He took the leap, quit his job, and was in the middle of nowhere and for some reason, he decided to work in a software company and got rejected to all of them – 100% rejection. But he persisted and from there, he got connected in health care, Stroll was born and the rest is history.

In pitching, talk to investors and paint them a picture of the current nightmare that people have to go through then tell them that you are attempting to accomplish. If they advise you to try something simpler, do a full stop and tell them that you have already done it. It is important to have your data all lined up to be able to speak intelligently about what you are trying to present.

Raising money is the main thing that Jordan is focusing on at this juncture and after this, he is out to prove the technology. He sees a lot of opportunity and he is looking at building distribution partners on his way to solving the problem that he sees.

Healthcare is tough and for them to raise capital, Jordan shares that you can start by identifying your targets well. After that, read an article that they wrote, say something insightful, follow up, and get them in an in-person meeting.

The future of Stroll including seamless patient, doctor and back office experiences and the pieces that they are working on at this time.

Rapid Fire Questions

  • What is your definition of innovation?

You see a problem and you solve it in a new way.

  • Would you put more emphasis on the idea or the execution? How would you weigh each of them and why?

Thomas Edison said ‘genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration’ and I would weight it exactly the same. Idea is so over valued in our culture but it’s all about execution, disciple, choosing priorities, how you get sh*t done.

  • What is your biggest learning lesson on your journey so far?

It’s not how hard you work but how smart you work. Are you working on the right things? Think of how you prioritize.

  • What is your favorite business book?

Never Eat Alone

  • What is your favorite digital resource?

Google Apps






  • What is your favorite app and why?

Gas Buddy

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